Welcome to Olive Tree Weddings!

We are a Wedding Floral service whose proceeds go directly to support our Nonprofit parent company, Olive Tree Blessing Bags. That’s right, 100% of our proceeds go to create Blessing Bags for our community do-gooders, including Homeless Services staff, Abuse center workers, School Teachers, ED Nurses, and First Responders. Thanks for visiting!

How Does it Work?

Olive Tree Weddings works just like any other floral company you may choose for your event EXCEPT you’re helping fund a well deserved respite for our nation’s community workers. Upon receiving your inquiry we will reply with generalized questions to get an idea of your floral needs. We then set up an appointment to talk in depth, either in-person or virtually, and create a customized quote for your event. Upon completion of the event you will receive a “See Your Impact” certificate indicating how many Blessing Bags you helped create. So…. what’s the catch? The catch is we only take ONE EVENT PER MONTH. This allows us not only to focus solely on YOUR event, but also to keep our mission strong of sharing encouragement, support, relaxation, and appreciation with our nation’s essential and community workers. To check our availability or schedule your event contact us today!

919.673.0456 ~ suzanne@olivetreeblessings.com